The True Story Of The Moffitt Family Haunting.
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I loved this book it really kept me going. And the mirror picture she took of the writing on it was amazing. The reflection in the mirror was not the bathroom it was the kitchen. 4th dimension verified where ever these entitys come from it’s a mystery. this picture should be looked into more intensive. Great read….

Mike Vraa

I enjoyed the story. It is written in an easy to consume style. It is very creepy to read because you know the author experienced this first hand by her honesty.




I received this as a gift and I have to say, it was one of the best book I’ve read in years! Full of personality and wit, it tells an amazing tale that the author unfolds in a believable way. It doesn’t fall into the same traps and clichés that similar books do. Really well written and edited.

Scarleth A. Ramirez

Fun to read, true or not it was a good time. I enjoyed the pace and descriptions, glad they are ok.



The True Story Of The
Moffitt Family Haunting.

In 1987, harmless yet inexplicable phenomena began to occur at the Moffitt residence in Rancho Cucamonga. Knickknacks moved, pictures turned around, and writing on the mirror, these and other benign happenings marked the beginning of 6 years of mystery, intrigue, and sheer horror.

Unwelcomed is a factual account of the Moffitt family’s true paranormal experiences. When an entity of immense and unknowable power returns from the past and lays claim to Lena Moffitt’s life, the Moffitt family is thrust into a losing battle to save her and maintain their sanity in the face of unfathomable terror. As the family’s last survivor of these events, Deborah Moffitt recounts a true, paranormal nightmare that spans over 6 years but left scars that will last a lifetime.

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A picture frame was turned around

A picture frame was turned around. At first we hoped that it was just turned by mistake. Perhaps someone had moved it and didn’t realize what they had done, but in the back of our minds we knew the truth. We had not escaped.

The entity continued to abuse Lee mentally and physically. It began placing knives in strategic locations for Lee to sit or lie down on. We had to be constantly vigilant to keep Lee from being impaled.

Death threats

Death threats, demon writing, destruction, apports, and sharing our home with a malevolent presence was our lot. We no longer gasped at a knife in the wall or shuttered at the sight of symbols carved into the rug. We felt like we were barely surviving, but we didn’t give up.

She told us something locked her in and turned out the light. It then grabbed her by the throat and started to strangle her. As unbelievable as this sounded, we watched as the bruises formed on her neck.


One of us must have done it

One of us must have done it. How else could the writing get there? We each denied we had anything to do with it. There was one sure-fire way to prove it wasn’t one of us doing it. We cleaned the mirror and walked out into the bedroom, closing the door behind us. We waited a few minutes and returned to look at the mirror. The words, “No escape” were sprawled across the glass. We had all been together when the words had been written.

It turned its wrath toward Lee

It turned its wrath toward Lee. On the mirror, it wrote constantly of its hate for her and how it wanted her dead.

We soon learned that the entity had a symbol. Throughout our home we discovered various manifestations of a triangle with a small tail extending out of the base.


About the Author


Deborah Moffitt

Deborah Moffitt
Author of Unwelcomed

For over 25 years, Deborah Moffitt had been the keeper of a terrifying family secret. From 1987 to 1992, the Moffitt family endured against a demonic entity that had come to lay claim to Lee Moffitt’s soul. Their chilling experiences have finally be revealed, and Debora Moffitt’s search for answers has begun. Moffitt wrote Unwelcomed with the intention of creating a pictorial study of a supernatural experience both amazing and terrifying. With a plethora of photographs taken during the time, it seemed the perfect way to share the Moffitt family’s story with a world that is continuing to become more open-minded toward the paranormal. She was determined to enlighten the skeptic, persuade the undecided, and enthrall the true believers.

She ended up writing a book.